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A Phenomenon

"Some people are a phenomenon as they are born". "Some are born to become a phenomenon and some are made to be phenomena by consistent efforts".

Devie Neithiyar, belongs to the first category. She is born with a voice which will not find an equal as the decades go by! Mellifluous, incredible range, emotions dripping like nectar whatever the language or idiom might be - it is an amazing talent to be exposed to universal display.

Born into an aristocratic family of Kerala in the South of India to Sri. Subash Chandran and Smt. Soudamini Neithiyar, Devie started singing even at the tender age of three as her mother taught her the basics of singing. She was then initiated into serious training by the Nadaswara Vidwan Shri.Nalleppilly Vaidyanathan. Blessed with a naturally mellifluous and extra ordinarily expressive voice, by the age of five, she had already started winning prizes in national-level competitions! She then came under the loving care of the music genius Guruji Dr.T.V.Gopalakrishnan (TVG) in Chennai. Living in his house in Chennai , she became Guruji TVG’s foster daughter and blossomed into his premier disciple. Now, after more than 3 decades of devoted study, Devie is one of South India’s most unique and versatile vocalists.


Dr. T V G

The Versatile Genius

Honoured with the Nation’s second highest honour of Padma Bhushan for Indian Classical Vocal and Percussion Dr. TVGopalakrishnan - has created a new era of classical music and rhythm, transcending different styles . The younger generation of musicians and music lovers are influenced by this musical ethos in all their aesthetic endeavors.

No other single individual has accomplished as much as Dr. TVG in creating new generations of achievers in music bringing them into lime light in the past 6 decades. TVG’s disciples include many top ranking international celebrities in India and abroad like Ilaiyaraja, A.R.Rehman, Sivamani, Bhupinder Singh, Carola Grey and many others. Dr.TVG is today the most acknowledged specialist in the singing Voice and Voice therapy.

A Musician who has the unique distinction of being the acclaimed Vocalist in Karnatic and Hindustani styles , the Mrdangam wizard par excellence, the original innovator of Indian jazz , the dedicated scholar who has done result-oriented research in Voice-Culture & Music Therapy and the Guru to hundreds of classy performers, a composer par excellence this legendary octogenarian -Guruji Dr.TVG stands out as a Complete Musician in the high profile world of today’s Indian music. It is difficult to encounter such a heady mixture of versatility, creativity and vision, all encapsulated in one man!!

Musical Journey

Devie's Musical Journey

From a child winning countless prizes  in innumerable competitions ,  to an iconic figure, running rings around the world Devie Neithiyar has enchanted thousands with her multiple genre concerts - Classical , devotional ,films, contemporary, jazz-fusion and music workshops. Once listeners hear her music, they have to agree that she is one of God’s most beautiful musical flowers, as her music is truly spell-binding.

Devie has attained impeccable mastery in both classical and film music due to the meticulous grooming of her foster father and Guru, Padmabhushan Dr T.V.Gopalakrishnan. His efforts to refine the accuracy and artistry of her voice ring out through every note she sings.

Maintaining the tag line of a child prodigy, Devie won All kerala and All India prizes many times in the inter -school and inter -state music competitions right from her school days. She is the recipient of the All India Radio National award for Vocal Music.

Mystery Girl -

Every time i see her singing i wonder, "is she a Goddess pretending to be a little girl, or a little girl pretending to be a Goddess?

She seems so vulnerable and delicate, but with the purity, strength and…sound of God. Every note that I hear from her, seems to speak volumes of truth to my heart. And the music escalates till by the end of a concert, one feels they have been to visit Vaikunta!

She has also been trained by Pt.Krishnanand and Dr.Raveendra Roy and has imbibed the nuances in Classical and folk idioms of Hindustani music. She underwent training in Western music by “The Moores” who teach voice and voice therapy for the European jazz musicians. Devie also has the right kind of exposure and training during her extensive travel abroad in Operatic, Jazz and folk music of the west by interacting and performing with different artists.

Favourite Picks



The musical, lyrical and emotive imagery that she projects through her voice-an extension of her soul - has to be heard and experienced.

When DEVIE sings, her voice soars beyond the clouds. Her sound reveals both, great vulnerability and the determined courage to venture into the unknown in order to perceive truth.

- Cornelia and Reggie Moore (Celebrated European Jazz Musicians)

Devie has been arduously trained by her Guru which reflects in her impeccable rendition - her tonality, her pitch accuracy, her perfect pronunciation and her expression is inimitable and unique.

Devie keeps the musical form in its pristine purity; be it carnatic, hindustani, ghazal, folk, film song or a western melody. Her incomparable voice with its virtuosity, aesthetics and voice modulations can achieve unbelievable dimensions to translate various moods and emotions that leave the audience spellbound.

- SHE'S A MIRACLE WORKER! (In the eyes of her accompanying musicians)

Playing alongside Devie is a rare experience. As soon as she opens her mouth to sing I forget everything. I am not even sure what I'm playing, I just follow her on the creative voyage, which soars in the skies of bhakthi. I am so glad that a musician of her calibre, intensity and classical knowledge still graces the stage today.

Indian music only truly comes to life in a divine singer. Devie Neithiyar has been proclaimed by key critics and musicians across the globe to belong to this category.

Audiences are awe-struck at her gift of expression, and the way she effortlessly revels in her musical essays over four octaves!

Devi’s music has a wide range – the widest possible. She can soar to the highest of pitches and in mere whispers too ! You cannot and should not measure her quality strictly in accordance with the traditional grammar of music especially Carnatic. Her music is pertinently called Soul music and therefore , she herself can be hailed as the Angel of Indian Music .She is specially gifted singer and what is more she is extremely polite and un assuming ! Her music, and honestly enjoyable affair to remember for a long long time.

- R.S Indian Express

Many critics have her likened to Begum Parveen Sultana, the inimitable Lathaji, the one and only S. Janaki et all.

Devi is a rare combination of Parveen Sultana and Latha mangeshkar . It is a blessing that we have her in the South.

- Subbudu (The Most coveted Music and Arts Critic of India)

Spotted and Introduced to the world of Film Music by none other than the greatest legend in Indian film music of all times  Isaignani Ilaiyaraja,  Devie has sung for all the leading film music directors of the South Indian film industry, producing over 300 albums. She has worked and sung for almost all the South Indian music directors– The legendary M.S Viswanathan,  Ramamoorthy, Ilaiyaraja, Deva,Vidyasaagar, Bappi Lahiri and to the present day upcoming music directors. Some of her popular film songs have been selected as “The Song of the Year” among the masses.

With her insightful knowledge of Bhakti and musical aesthetics, Devie mainly focuses on the spiritual aspect and directs her listeners with the simplicity, devotion and her intense love to the Divine. She has widely performed in temple music festivals in India and many other countries. All Devie’s devotional albums have been top sellers.

Endowed with a giving nature, Devie is very articulate in expounding the nuances of whatever musical genre she handles.

She has been in many television reality show productions of South India such as Sun TV, Jaya TV, Amritha TV, Kairali TV and Raj TV as a Jury member and Mentor. She is now much sought after as a Voice Trainer for many TV reality show participants in South India.

She has performed along with legendary musicians on several occasions in festivals and collaborative projects by eminent cultural organisations and educational institutions like The Art of Living by H.H. Sri Sri. Ravishankar, Multicultural festival Australia , South Asian South Asian International summit for Yoga and Meditation music, “Swarnotsav” – 50th year Indian Republic Festival , Global Fusion Concert at Portland , Gurukula Summer workshop at AHIRI, New York, Global integration thro music Patty McDonald Global Rhythm Series at Alabama, USA, The summer Retreat of Milap Fest ,England, Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan UK, The Madras Music Academy, The Academy Of Indian Music & Arts, The Indian Music festival at Malaysia and Singapore , The film music nights at Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Bahrain, Australia, etc.

She has extensively travelled all over India and across the Globe giving Classical, Devotional  and Light music concerts, seminars and workshops with much acclaim. She has been travelling to USA and many countries across the globe such as UK, Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, South Africa, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

A truly cosmopolitan artist, Devie has also worked with some of the greatest musicians of today including the world famous Saxophonist John Handy, Don Peake of Hollywood , Tony Clarke in Germany, Jean Paul Bourelly, Reggie and Cornelia Moore, Carola Grey, Jam El Marr, Brigitte Hool amongst many others, over the past decades. She was chosen by none other than Bharat Ratna Pt. Ravi Shankar to perform for couple of his musical ensembles.

Devie has worked for the world music albums produced by Tony Clarke,Jam el mar and Bappi Lahiri the album which was a part of the Grammy nominations.

Devie has also done collaborative work with many other musicians and western music school choirs like the Milap UK, Alabama school of Fine Arts , Asian cultural centre Australia, Singapore Indian Orchestra, Ahiri USA etc to experience and imbibe the common grounds of western and Indian music.

This is just a taste of the limitless musical expression Devie has to offer to the world of music.

Devie’s   3 very unique and innovative musical productions -“Shraddha”, “Pibare Naamarasam” and “Melodivine” have been critically acclaimed and has made a huge impact on contemporary audiences.

Devie’s recital of SHRADDHA started on an uncomfortable note .There was a power failure in the area. The organisers had to request the audience to bear with the make shift arrangements. As it turned out, the technical glitches were however , easily overcome by Devies remarkable power of musical expressions, even over four octaves transcending man- made barriers and boundaries.

- The New Indian Express


In this musical bonanza, the vehicle is music – the words are from the Vedas to the lisping lullaby for the child – the road stretches from Kashmir to kanyakumari – in the land where the past ,present and future are fused together in languages ,melodies ,rhythms and the undulating voice of Devie .

Pibare Naamarasam

The power of chanting the lord’s name has been recorded in our Vedas.  ‘Pibare Naamarasam’ is a unique multi lingual devotional programme of Devie; designed to take us back to an exploration of that Bhakthi as expressed by various composers – historic and contemporary.


With melody in its purest form and expression of divine love through perfectly aesthetic music beyond genres , Devie though Melodivine will take the audience on a nostalgic voyage of Evergreen Love hits with a team of immaculately synchronised musicians.When the voices are projected against the symphony of instruments, it's so easy to lose sense of time and space.


As a Guru

Apart from her phenomenal musical extravagance, it is gratifying for a close observer to perceive her humane and giving nature. She is a Friend, Guide, Guru, Philosopher and Mentor to her disciples. To her colleagues she is a giver personified. To her Guru, she is the perfect disciple. To her listeners, she gives her heart and soul through her multifaceted voice like the Triveni Sangamam.

But, perhaps the greatest lesson she teaches is how to nurture the Guru-Sishya relationship, for to her Guru, she is the Paramaananda Sishya. This is plain to see because she not only excels in the art form he taught her, but has also dedicated herself to fulfill his dream project - Academy Of Indian Music & Arts-AIMA a non profit organisation which strives for the preservation, propogation and promotion of Indian music and musicians, thus imbibing the next generation with this sacred knowledge.

Devie has been deeply involved in the day to day and long term developments and international collaborations of Academy of Indian music & Arts (AIMA) as its Director.

All her students, be they professionals, prodigies, connossieurs, or simply hobbyists, will attest to Devie as being there as a friend, but no-less a Guide, Severe Guru, Philosopher and Mentor.

...Through the eyes of a student

Looking back I realise that's what made me learn. She made the most difficult challenges seem a fun game. She can be hard on you, but always encouraging, till all of a sudden you are there on the stage too. And even then she still keeps encouraging you, loving you and blessing you. Thank you Akka for keeping the overflowing love of the age old parampara alive, and making us feel its meaning.

As a Philanthropist

As a Director, Devie has been deeply involved in the day to day and long term projects of the Academy of Indian music & Arts (AIMA), a registered charitable trust. It is not just to her colleagues that she is a giver personified. As a socially aware person, Devie spends most of her spare time interacting with children from under privileged society, the young talents coming out of music and other professional institutions without support. She goes out of the way to be of help to them by finding opportunities across the arts scene. A poet, visionary and a truly sensitive person, Devie Neithiyar is always looking for the opportunity to make the world better through The Love of Art & the Art of Love !

Devie holds a master's degree in Reiki and Healing . A highly sensitive person with a intense passion to be of help ,she also spends time in counselling and reaches out to address the spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs of the needy.

Meticulously Loving

... yeah, that's the only way I can sum her up. She looks after her students (and just about everyone who comes into contact with her) so much. There's always a warm ear to ear smile on her face, and a childlike playfulness.

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